Cruanes' New Home

New Home

Christmas 2013 Visit

Matt got a minature (4"x6") jigsaw puzzle. Virginia decided to put it together as seen in the left image below. She was successful, as seen in the right image.

Shawn is seen with the RC car that he got from his Condren grandparents.

Shawn is then seen playing with his RC helicopter.

One of the residents of the Cruanes household is Reggie, seen here laying on my legs on the foot stool.

Matt and Reggie are watching TV on the couch.

Patrick and Justin are watching TV in the kitchen. Justin lives in the room behind the red door.

Jan is seen on the couch with Reggie laying in her lap.

Max is seen sitting on the couch with Patrick while watching TV.

Mike, Max, and Patrick are seen watching the Saints game.

One afternoon we took Shawn to the playground on the I-10 access road at Causeway.

We went over to Justin's parents to prepare for the New Years Eve fireworks. We see the stand for the bomb launches.
More photos are posted at "New Years Eve Fireworks Show".

Last we see Shawn's play area in the Sun room.

March 2014 Visit

Shawn's New Backyard Gym

Virginia and Patrick built their dining room table.

Shawn and his Mother building a Lego Mindstorm Garbage Truck together on their dining room table.

Animal couch: Reggie, Toby, and Max

Patrick with their 2 dogs and Uncle Scott's two dogs: Mickey on the floor and Dixie with the red bandanna.

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