Dayton Trip

Visit with Louis Marre

March 14-20, 1966

by Mike Condren

March 17, 1963
St. Patrick's Day

This switcher is first seen approaching Union Station in Dayton from the west and then working around the Dayton Union Station.

The "Ohio State Limited" is seen approaching the Dayton Union Station.

This PRR transfer is headed by a FM and is approaching Dayton Union Station.

This east bound freight is see approaching Union Station in Dayton.

The west bound PRR "Penn Texas" is seen leaving Dayton Union Station.

This is a west bound freight passing Dayton Union Station.

This swithcer was working the yard around the yard near Union Station.

March 18, 1966

On our trip to Cincinnati, we first visited the large NYC yard in Sharonville, OH. It was a heavy overcast day and these images are dark. These Balwain Sharks are part of a long line of odd locomotives.

Here is an A-B pair of sharks.

This S12 is coupled to a Shark.

This is the dead line of Lima locomotives at Sharonville, OH.

These ALCos are coming off the turntable at Sharonville.

These FA2 was shot at the engine terminal at the Sharonwood, OH yard.

This C&O locomotive was shot while working the C&O yard near Cincinnati Union Terminal.

These 4 Baldwin Shark A-units are seen near the Ohio River in downtown Cincinnati, OH. A-unit Sharks do not have MU nose connections so there has to be 2 engine crews on this transfer run.

These three Sharks are seen at the Riverside Yard in Cincinnnati.

These S12 switchers are seen working the Riverside Yard.

These units were in the engine terminal of the Riverside Yard.

This P&E GP7 is seen switching a yard in Cincinnati.

This BLW is seen near Cincinnati Union Terminal.

These units were found in the engine terminal of De Coursey, KY yard.

These RS3s are seen working the hump yard at De Coursey, KY.

These S4s were in the yard at De Coursey, KY.

These passenger Geeps are seen at nirth end of Cincinnati Union Terminal.

These EMD switchers were parked near CUT.

This PRR E-unit is seen at Cincinnati Union Terminal.

These 2 E6s are sitting north of Cincinnati Union Terminal.

This E8 is seen on a train at Cincinnati Union Terminal.

These Lima Hamilton switchers were stored near Cincinnati Union Terminaal.

This Lima Hamilton switcher was running at the engine terminal in Cincinnati.

This engine terminal is in the yard on the east side of Cincinnati.

These three FM switchers are in the engine terminal at the east side yard.

These FM H2044s are at the engine terminal.

The PRR yard is east of downtown along the Ohio River. These units are being serviced in the engine terminal.

These Geeps are also at the engine terminal.

As we were preparing to leave the PRR engine terminal, a L&N transfer appeared with 5 ALCo RS units.

We chased this freight north out of Sharonville yard on our way back to Dayton.

March 19, 1966

This S12 is south of Dayton.

This southbound freight is seen just south of Dayton, OH.

These two BLW road switchers are on a transfer run.

This switcher is working in Cincinnati.

March 20, 1966

This NYC switcher is seen in Dayton, OH.

Here is a southbound train crossing the river south of Dayton.

On my way back to Rolla, I caught the PRR "Penn Texas" in the middle of Illinois.

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