Curtis Hill Rendezvous

May 20, 2016

In Woodward I discovered what appeared to be the former MKT station on west Main St. This station served the MKT line into the panhandle of Oklahoma.

While exploring Woodward, I shot this eastbound freight from the parking lot of the local hospital west of downtown.

Next came a westbound.
These units were pushing on the rear of the train.

Then came this west bound stack train.

This EB had 3 blades for a wind turbine on the front end.

This west bound box car train is seen east of Mooreland. A Herzog tie train is coupled to the rear.

This eastbound stack train is seen passing through Woodward, OK.

May 21, 2016

The group met up at the DO389 bridge over the tracks at Quinlan.

Our first train was a westbound tank train with a BNSF unit on the point, followed by a NS unit, a UP unit, and a second NS unit.

More of our group are seen in this shot.

The next train is a west bound grain train.
Molly is seen barking at the passing train.

The next train was an east bound stack train.

Here are a couple of views of the people and Molly who were watching the trains from atop this concrete highway bridge over the tracks.

A west bound freight got a drawbar, blocking the west bound main, Main 1. To keep the line fluid, a westbound was crossed over to Main 2 (note the concrete cross ties on this newer line.)
Molly and friends watch this stack train pass under the bridge.
One viewer even braved "rattle snake" country by getting off the road for a hill side view.
The head end of the train is seen in the distance.
Here come the pushers.

The drawbar finally got repaired and the train started westbound again on track 1.
Next we see a MEET between 2 trains near the top of the grade.

The east bound stack train is then seen passing cars of the west bound grain train.
The ends of these 2 trains then pass right in front of me.

The next eastbound is then seen taking the curve as it heads toward the overpass.

My last train before lunch was this westbound stack train at Quinlan

We then broke for lunch and drove to Waynoka. This Hudson Bay Railway loco is parked at the station.

This is the former ATSF station and Harvey House in Waynoka, OK. We had lunch in the dinning room of the Harvey House cafe.

This train was stopped in Waynoka.

This is the junction of the former ATSF transcon mainline and the western end of the Avard Sub of the former Frisco.

An eastbound stack train is seen approaching the Avard Sub junction.

On my way back through Waynoka, I shot this view of the station and Harvey House.

I got back to the overpass at Quinlan in time to shoot this westbound stack train.

The next east bound stack is seen at Quinlan overpass.

Another east bound stack train is seen approaching the overpass.

This west bound stack train is seen at Quinlan.

My last train of the day at Quinlan is this eastbound stack train.

I was stopped by this train as I explored Mooreland, OK.

I shot this train from the parking lot of the hospital in Woodward.

May 22, 2016

My last train on Curtis Hill was this west bound stack train that I caught at the Quinlan overpass.

This is dry weather Oklahoma.


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