Dallas Area Rapid Transit

by Mike Condren

Feb. 27, 2012

My next stop was the Trinity Mills Park-n-Ride which is shared by the A-Train of DCTA and Green Train of DART.

A couple of views of the Trinity Mills station, showing the DCTA and DART tracks.

This is a southbound train toward downtown.

The next train was a northbound train, first seen in the distance on the elevation.

After lunch of the usual Frisco Melt and fries at SnS in Plano, I headed to downtown Dallas and Dallas Union Terminal.

Here we see the first light rail commuter for me at Dallas Union Terminal (DUT).

Next came this Red Line light rail train.

Next came a Blue train.

The next Blue Line train had one set of cars decorated in Maverick Blue.

I almost missed this Red Train.

Located on the platform is this map of the DART system. Click for larger view

Another Red Line train.

Next is a Blue Line train.

Another Blue Line train.

Here is another Red Line Train.

Yet another Red Line train.

And then a Blue Line train going the other way.

Then a Red Line train arrived to meet another Red Line train with the TRE looking on.

Next was a Red Line train.

The Red Line train is now seen leaving DUT and meets a TRE arriving.

Here comes the Blue Line train with the car decorated in honor of the NBA Mavericks.

While the Amtrak is disappearing to the east to then back into DUT, a Red Line train is entering the station.

A Red Line train is arriving at DUT as the Amtrak train is backing into track 5.
A second Red Line train is seen entering the station as the Amtrak train continues to back into the station.

Feb. 28, 2012

I decided to explore the photo possibilities along the trains west of the entertainment district of the west end. My first train was a Green Line train heading to North Carrollton. The track here are parallel to the very busy I35E and its associated feeds.

The next train was a north bound Red Line Train.

This shot was taken from Dealey Plaza showing a Blue Line train passing over the famous overpasses.

The first train through the junction was a Green Line train from Nnorth Carrollton.

Here we look east down Pacific Ave. where double tracks allow light rail trains to run through downtown. First we see a west bound Red Line train. Note the vertical LINE signal allowing the Green Line train in the previous images to cross the street and meet the Red Line train.
Not the horizontal LINE meaning stop in the image below.
Then the Red Line train got the signal to proceed across Houston Street and head for DUT.

Then this Red Line train heads east on Pacific Ave.

Here we see a Red Line train heading into DUT.

Then a Blue Line train is out bound from DUT.

Another Blue Line train is seen heading for DUT.

My last shot from Dealay Plaza is of a Red Line train cross the overpass.

As I was leaving Fair Park, I met this Green Line train.

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