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We also discovered this power from a train along the "river line" in Marquette, IA on Jan. 6, 2007.

While we took a drive along the river, a train came in from the west using this power.

ICE power laying over at David Jct., IL, 7/29/05.

After getting off of I39, we headed west towards Davis Jct., IL. I noticed cars moving on the track at the east end of the siding east of Davis Jct. After exploring Davis Jct., we returned to shoot the ICE train with #4201 on its train, 12/26/06.

Upon reaching Davis Jct. on the road up from Holcomb, I look west and see a unit ethanol train headed towards me. I race to the crossing and shoot the train as it proceeds east. As I left I also shot the unit spotted at Davis Jct.

I then raised east towards I39 to get another shot.

At Davis Jct. we found these two ICE GP40s sitting on the NE leg of the wye on April 7, 2007.

At the beginning of the Great May Circle Tour of the Mid-South, as I got off I39 I spotted this westbound ICE train. I caught up with it at the east end of the east siding at Davis Jct, IL, May 17. 2007.

I again caught up with the ICE train at the crossing west of the diamond in David Jct, IL.

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