Ft. Smith & Eastern Creekmore Park Suburban Railway

Louis A. Marre Photo
This view was taken during the first year of operation, 1948. Note that the stack does not have the extension visible in other views.

Louis A. Marre Photos
Louis A. Marre, engineer, sits on a freshly painted but unlettered KCS #999.

Louis A. Marre Photos
Here the same engine is lettered and ready for service, 7/7/61. Note that the stack has gotten an extension and is now painted black.

Jerry Pinkepank Photo, Mike Condren Collection
Here Louis has the train running across the "flats" making time on Labor Day, 1961. Note the small American flags stuck in the handles of the check valves on each side of the boiler.

Jerry Pinkapank Photo, Mike Condren Collection
Here Louis is training Mike Condren as a prospective engineer.

Jerry Pinkepank Photo, Louis A. Marre Collection, Contributed by Mike Condren
This photo was taken on Labor Day 1961. Louis is the engineer sitting in the cab and his trusty conductor, Mike Condren, stands along side. Note the ticket in the lower laft hand corner. $0.20 got you three trips around the loop. What a bargain! Boy, were we younger then!

21st Century Views

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