Ft. Smith Trolley Museum

Where is it located?

Mike Condren Photo
The Ft. Smith Trolley Museum is located on the site of the Midland Valley yard. The current car barn is near the location of the former turntable.
Louis Marre Collection

Mike Condren Photo
These are some of the doors from the Frisco roundhouse in Ft. Smith.

Mike Condren Photo
Ft. Smith Trolley Museum #224 is an original Ft. Smith Light & Traction Bireny Safety car of that number.

Mike Condren Photo

Frisco Photo
Charles E. Winters Photo, Louis Marre Collection

Frisco USRA light 2-8-2 #4003 is now part of the museum collection. It is seen in the top photo in Springfield after it was prepared for display in Ft. Smith. The lower photo shows it during its movement on temproary track on 9/16/54 to the Exhibition Park (R.K.Rogers Park) where it was on display for 40 years.

Margaret Condren
Granddad Stewart and grandson Matthew Condren are standing in front of SLSF 4003 in Exposition Park in Ft Smith.

The dedicated members of the museum over an 11 year span rebuilt this original Ft. Smith Light and Traction Company Birney Safety car #224. This car saw its last service in Ft. Smith in 1933. In then became a diner in SW Arkansas. It was discovered and restored. The motorman, on the left, is Joe Irwin and the motorman in training is David McDonald. The bottom photo shows my daughter, Virginia Reason, her son Shawn on his first trolley ride, and my son Matt, May 22, 2007.

Oct. 6, 2009

The Ft. Smith Trolley Museum has much more than just trolleys. Here we see MKT 100184 Power Car converted from a Troop Sleeper.

Inside the car barn, hang up high, was this herald from the early days of the Muskogee Roads. The location of the museum is the former property of the Midland Valley Railroad.

Above the door to the upstairs office of the Trolley Museum, is this neon sign from the days of the Ft. Smith Light and Traction Co., one time owner of Barney Safety Car 224.

Outside the car barn is Frisco 4003, a USRA light 2-8-2, which for many years sat at the entrance to Exposition/R. Kay Rogers Park on Midland Blvd.

Another former MKT MofW car is this former passenger car.

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