Missouri Stations

by Mike Condren

Current Stations (Incomplete)

Independence: Missouri Pacific, now Amtrak
Independence: Chicago & Alton, later GM&O

Jefferson City: Missouri Pacific, now Amrak

Kansas City: Amtrak

Kirkwood: Missouri Pacific, now Amtrak

St Louis: Amtrak

Sedailia: Missouri Pacific, now Amtrak

Warrebsburg: Missouri Pacific, now Amtrak

Webster Groves: Frisco

Stations from the Past

Crocker: Frisco

Joplin: KCS, M&A, AT&SF

This 8 story building had the Frisco station located in the basement and first floor. Passenger train service by the Frisco ended in Oct. 1960. The Aug. 1960 public Timetable lists service to Joplin whereas the next issue, Nov. 1960, does not.

The actual date of discontinuance was Oct. 15, 1960.

At one time Joplin was serviced by buses of Frisco Tranportation Co. to Neosho to make connection with St. Louis to Oklahoma trains 3, 4, 9, and 10. There was also Frisco passenger train service to Ft. Scott, KS as indicated by my extensive collection of Frisco Public Timetables.

Lebannon: Frisco

Monett: Frisco

Neosho: Frisco

Pacific: Missouri Pacific & Frisco

Purdy: Frisco

Richland: Frisco

Rolla: Frisco

St Genevieve: Frisco

St Louis Union Station: TRRA

Seligman: Frisco & M&A

Springfield: Frisco

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