Moon Southern Line

Created by Paul Moon
Preserved by Bill Springer

Paul Moon was a retired Lt. Col. in Air Force, missile silo commander, turned high school chemistry teacher, turned weekend Reader RR station agent. I believe he earned enough points to get railroad retirement, in addition to Air Force and school teacher. He started building this layout in 1965 in his 2-car garage in N. Little Rock. When health forced him to move with his wife to Florida, mutual friend Bill Springer bought and moved the layout to a new room under his home Bill had to dig out more of a basement to create this room for the layout. In the 1970s I regularly operated on this layout. At the time Paul was head of the NMRA achievement program. He inspired me to create a engine house diorama which took the Best of Show Award at the 1977 NMRA Mid-Continent Convention in Little Rock, AR.

Model Railroader featured Paul Moon and his Moon Southern Line in the March 1987 issue. The following was scanned from that issue.



Grand Junction

East Agony

Eastern Terminal

Dills Mill on Argenta & Western narrow gauge railroad

Pinnacle terminal of Argenta & Western narrow gauge railroad

This view is inside Holt Memorial Chapel of the casket and memorials for long time friend William (Bill) Sprenger. There was a full house for the service, made up of family and friends from all over Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.
A couple of Bill's HO Santa Fe locomotives and a caboose.
There was a Santa Fe herald and kerosene lantern and flower arrangement on top of the casket.
Bill was also an avid golfer as demonstrated by his golf shoes and tube of golf balls.

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