Washington Union Station

Washington Union Station from the cab on the way to the hotel.

On arrival at Washington, I shot this view out a window in Union Station of Acela 2010, to the left, on the upper level. Our train is seen on the lower level at the right of the photo.

Jan is seen in the Great Hall.

Views in the Great Hall.

Top view is of the West Hall. The next view is of the East Hall.

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

Charles Lindberg's "Spirit of St. Louis"

Diversity in astronaut corp, Guion S. Bluford Jr., first black astronaut and Sally Ride, first female US astronaut.

Explorer, the first US satelite on top of a Redstone rocket.

German V1 "buss bomb" powered by a ram jet engine used to attack England during WWII..

German V2 liquid fuel ballistic rocket used to attack England during WWII.

In the upper foreground is a reproduction of the first satellite, the Russian Sputnik. In the background is the US X-1 rocket plane which first broke the sound barrier in controlled flight.

Ford 5-AT Trimotor commercial airliner of American Airlines.

Douglas DC-3 commerical airliner of Eastern Airlines.

Grumman F4F Wildcat the Navy's main fighter at the beginning of WWII.

Navy biplane.

Acela Trains in Union Station

While awaiting our departure, I went out on to the lower level platform to look at the Acela at the nearby high level platform. While there, another Acela arrived on the near track.

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