New Orleans Public Service

These images were all taken during a family trip to New Orleans.

June 10, 2006

Hurricane Katrina destroyed the "new" street cars that were built for the restored Canal Street and City Park lines. The hurricane also destroyed the wiring along the St. Charles Stree line. As a result some of the St. Charles line cars are now running on the Canal Street line.

The isolated St. Charles Street car barn is nearly full of idled street cars.

Dec. 15, 2007
Scenes along St. Charles Street Line near the current end of the line.

Car 923 has reversed its pole and is waiting to use the cross-over to return to downtown from just west of Napoleon Ave.

Dec. 17, 2007


Family ride on the St. Charles Street line

Current end of the line just west of Napoleon Ave.

Reconstruction of the traditional end of the St. Charles Street line at Carrolton Ave.

May 25, 2008
St. Charles Street Line Ride

from near the River Bend end of the line to Canal Street and return

St. Charles car #937 is loading as #903 heads toward River Bend end of the line.

Car #903 has now reached the end of the line at River Bend.

Car #903 approaches to begin our ride.

Our car #903 is meeting car 926.

We got off car #903 at Canal Street. Here the car is making its 1 block visit to Canal Street.

Car 953 is seen here turning from Canal Street on to St. Charles Street.

Car #926 is seen here on St. Charles Street about a block from Canal Street.

The return ride in car #926. At one point we caught up with another car. An in bound car was parked on the inbound track. The car ahead of us turned back toward Canal while we continued to River Bend.

Jan, Shawn, and Mike on the St. Charles Street line.

Upon returning to our car, I shot this line-up of 6 cars at the end of the line at River Bend with my telephoto lens.

Car #937 is seen returning to Canal Street.
And then there were only 4 cars.

Here car #937 moves toward Canal Street.

May 31, 2009

The low level shots are by Shawn and/or his Mother
Shawn, Virginia, and Grandpa railfanned the St. Charles Street Street Car Line.

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