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June 17, 2016

These units were found in the former engine terminal area in Van Buren.

This A&M train was returning from the Port of Van Buren as I left the former MP engine terminal.

This is the walkway in Memphis that leads over the Harrihan Bridge to Arkansas.

This is the area across from the KS Ave parking area.

These apartment houses are on the west side of Central Station property.

June 25, 2016

This is the beginning of a tribute to the railroad history of Greenwood, AR. This former Northern Pacific caboose was originally displayed in Burlington Northern green. With my help it has been repainted in red typical of Missouri Pacific red, a line which once served Greenwood. Much more work is planned for this display near where the MP tracks crossed old US71.

July 2, 2016

These 3 units were working the former MKT yard in Muskogee.

This string of units was stored on the west side of the MKT yard lead.

I drove down Chandler to the river where I found this set of BNSF power across the road from this power plant on the west side of the Arkansas River.

This unit coal train was used to supply fuel for the power plant on the west side of the Arkansas River.

July 16, 2016

These UP units are on a NS train at the east end of the NS Forrest Yard in Memphis.

This NS unit is working the west end of Forrest Yard,

This underpass is on Bellevue Ave under the former Frisco mainline. The Frisco coonskin herald is still on the left side behind the tree.

The Old Post Office is 2 blocks from Central Station, and once across the street from Union Station.

Central Station Memphis
This covers the stairs to the station.
This timetable is hanging in the Amtrak waiting room.

This is just inside of the Railroad & Trolley Museum entrance.

The CTC panel which once controlled operations from the Kentucky Street "Tower".

This train is stopped at Kamsas Ave awaiting a signal to proceed into the yard.
This was the second unit in the train, a SD70ACe.
The train then got permission to enter the yard.

I then moved to Kentucky Street.

My first train was this BNSF freight.

A loaded BNSF unit coal train is seen arriving at Kentucky Street.

The next train was a NS stack train.

The BNSF on the south track has headed into the former IC South Yard while this loaded unit coal train is on the north track.

This train is headed for the CN yard in south Memphis.

This train is at the west end of Forrest Yard.

July 17, 2916

This eastbound NS freight is seen approaching White Station Road in Memphis.

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