St. Louis Union Station

I had never taken pictures of the fountain in front of St. Louis Union Station so I took this opportunity. Note the 2 ladies in the pool at the far left.

From our family trip to St. Louis in 1947.

Concourse in 1969

When we arrived in St. Louis, we checked into the Hyatt in St. Louis Union Station.

View of the hotel from elevator landing. The new part of the hotel is under the train shed.

View of the Midway looking toward the 18th Street entrance.

View of the Midway looking toward the 20th Street entrance.

View of the middle of the Midway.

This is the Grand Hall.

Stainglass window over main entrance from Market Street depicting San Francisco (left) and New York (right) eyeing with envy, St. Louis.

Stainglass windows in the vaulted ceiling of the Grand Hall.

Exhibits of the Station Museum

Various Frisco related exhibits on display in the station museum.

Fred Harvey and Harvey Girl display.

Several scenes under the train shed, including Jan feeding the gold fish.

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