TY Intermodal
August 21, 2009

Photos by Mike Condren

Having been alerted by Jim Ammons that the operators were practicing, I headed to TY to shoot some of the cranes in action. One of the feeder cranes was located near the north end as seen here up close.

When I arrived, production crane #2 was practicing on this 53' J B Hunt container/chassis. Note the empty 40' and 53' chasses on the right side of the image. These will be the point of the focus for future practice.

BNSF 2005 and 2242 are seen through the legs of Feeder crane #1 pulling a string of cars out of one of the departure tracks.

The Production crane is seen moving to the east to pick up a 40' container to bring back and sit it on the chassis in the foreground. The crane then lowers its hooks for pick up the container. It then picks up the container and heads back to the chassis.

BNSF 2005 and 2242 continued to switch the yard.

The crane then returns to pick up another 40' container and set it on a chassis. The crane then returns for the 53' container.

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