TY Intermodal
May 9, 2009

Photos by Kenny Young
taken during BNSF Tour

This crane will be used to service defective well cars. Notice the spare wheelset on the hanger. It can pick up a fully loaded stack car and replace a wheelset. It's been nicknamed the "Gizmo".
Pictured in front of the massive tire of the "Gizmo" (L to R) is Rich Bower, BNSF Special Agent Charles Turner, Jim Ammons, Mike Fleming, and Frank Green. Kenny Young, the photographer, is NOT pictured.
Another view of the smallest crane of the bunch!
This thing is the business end of the "Gizmo". It's the lifter.
A closeup of the wheel racks.
The electric motor and gearbox is shown above the tire.
This picture shows the multiple steel wheels of the bogies on the feeder crane. Note the double flange on the wheel.
Yikes! What a staircase! The feeder crane is 110 feet tall. This picture shows the multiple steel wheels of the bogies on the feeder crane. Note the double flange on the wheel. Closeup of the double flange wheel and the electric motors to the left in black. Giant spool for gathering up the electrical cord. All cranes are electric and draw power from an external source. The IMF is noted for being "green" in it's use of energy. This pictures illustrate the close proximity of the loading and feeder cranes.
View of both bogies. Note each wheel has it's own motor. Also note the very large push rod(?). Upon contacting the bumper at the end of track would depress the plunger and shut power off. A very large kill switch indeed!
A close view of the six wheel bogie and plunger.
A side view of the bogie. Note the neat wire management!
Looking up at the business end of the crane. What a view from the control booth seen in glass.
Shot of the four wheel bogie. Notice the warning siren in grey.
View of the big wheel for the giant extension cord. Red cable is the power cord.
Shot of both feeder and loading cranes.
Front (or back) view of feeder crane.
Example of expansion joint in the long rails for the large cranes. See the power cord laying down.
A view from the north end yard lead.
Solar powered switch.
View of the ladder tracks.
Looking north. Perkins Road overpass (foreground) and Lamar (Hwy 78). New SB signal bridge. Note cut in shoulder to accommodate maintance vehicles.
Near dark view with lights on cranes. supplies by both Kenny Young and Frank Greene.
Computerized entrance into the BNSF Memphis Intermodal Facility.
This and following photos are of a scale model of the facility. Scale is estimated to be at least 1/1000. Model is about five to six feet long.

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