TY Intermodal
New Line Construction

Photos by Kenny Young
August 15, 2009

Grading is being completed. New Getwell Street overpass is in the background. Photo taken from Lamar overpass looking north. A 400mm zoom lens was used.

Same location as above. Delp Street grade crossing is in the foreground.

August 22, 2009

View looking south from Old Getwell Road. New Getwell Road is the overpass. Track between signals will be the IMF Lead. Temporary switch is on extreme left with line running left of bridge pier.

Photo of temporary switch. Old Getwell is seen on top left of photo.

Looking north at Getwell control point.

New signals at Getwell. They were activated at this time.

Tagged rail.

I switched to east side of R.O.W. for this shot. FYI, I drove across bridge to get to the location. No trespassing across tracks.

Switch stand of temporary switch. Chainlink fence is new.

August 23, 2009

I used my Canon 400mm lense to get this shot. Abutment and pier is New Getwell Road overpass. Switch is for the brick yard spur. New bridge over Winchester can be seen here.

North bound train is seen meeting a SB CSX train and then passing under New Getwell Road.

Compromise joint which needs a lot of work for the temporary switch.

View looking north from New Getwell Overpass. Temporary switch is clearly seen here with concrete ties. The plan is to merge the NB main into the new track and the SB main into the NB main. Basically, shifting one track to the right (east).

View from Homewood Street, temporarly closed for track work. New Getwell Road overpass is seen as well as new bridge over Winchester. You're looking north.

A low angle shot. Note the signals at Getwell Control Point.

View looking south from Homewood. Cars are on RJ Corman's lead. Lamar(near) and Perkins overpasses are seen here.

End of track at Delp Street. This will be merged into the near (NB Main) soon. RJ Corman's track curves off to industries.

Another view looking south. The Konecranes can be seen as well as the new signal at North IMF.

South bound stack train heading toward TY Yard. Looking north at Delp Street. In the second image, the train is approaching North IMF.

View from Lamar overpass looking north at Delp Street. Grade crossing is permantly closed. Tracks from the left are (or soon to be) RJ Corman, IMF Lead, BNSF Main 1 (southbound), and BNSF Main 2 (northbound).

Another north view with the 400mm "Hubble scope" from Lamar.

RJ Corman passing North IMF to switch local industries. View is looking north from Perkins overpass.

North IMF. Lamar overpass is seen just behind RJ Corman local.

RJ Corman returning from switching.

View from New Getwell looking south. The new bridge over Winchester and the old ones are clearly seen here. Note how all three tracks jog to go over the bridges. The 400mm lens was used here. Lamar is seen in the distance.

View from New Getwell looking south. The new bridge over Winchester and the old ones are clearly seen here. Note how all three tracks jog to go over the bridges. The 400mm lens was used here. Lamar is seen in the distance. Then the BNSF autorack train is seen crossing the bridge over Winchester, the jog in track is evidenced by the autoracks. The train is last seen about to duck under New Getwell Road. Grading for brick yard spur is about complete.

August 29, 2009

View from Homewood looking south. Ballasting is complete.

Looking north at ballasted new track.

This will soon be a thing of the past as the mainlines will soon switch alignment. This will be the new IMF Lead.

View looking south of ballasted track. The track crews do a nice job! Brick yard spur has track placed and chainlink fence is being installed for it. Photos taken from New Getwell Road overpass.

View from Getwell CP. Old Getwell Road is seen in this west view. Note the chain link fence being installed.

View looking north. Chainlink fence is new.

Looking south at ballast job. This section will be giving its final alignment soon.

Sept. 2, 2009

CN Power on the new main line going home. RJ Corman is switching on their line. The view is from Delp Street with Lamar overpass in background. In the second view, note stub rails. This was the old SB main. The realignments are not finished. The north end is cut off too! making it an orphaned track...but not for long.

Sept. 5, 2009

View from Delp Street looking south. Lamar overpass in foreground. The mainlines have been shifted one track to the left.

Looking west toward Delp Street. The stub ended track is the IMF lead. Some work is still left on this end.

Another view of Delp Street crossing. This crossing will NOT reopen.

CN transfer heading south on new southbound main crossing Winchester. Northbound NS transfer sits on new NB main awaiting new crew. Headend is at Knight Arnold.

CN transfer approaching Homewood Road.

View from New Getwell Road shows the new alignment. IMF Lead still requires work.

This view shows how the former SB main was dragged to the left to become the IMF Lead.

Looking south, the NS transfer sits. The brick yard spur appears to be completed including a bumper.

Another view from New Getwell Road.

Sept. 6, 2009

View of realignment of number 1 and 2 mains. IMF Lead is just a stub for now.

Closer view of Delp Street grade crossing.

Ripped out grade crossing at Delp Street. RIP grade crossing. RJ Corman track is in the foreground.

Looking south from Delp Street. BNSF still has yet to merge stub track into track on the right.

BNSF northbound using new main, approaching New Getwell overpass.

Sept. 19, 2009

The connection at Getwell CP (Old Getwell). Note the derail.

New connection at Delp Street. Turnout finally installed. RJ Corman on left and IMF Lead 2nd from left.

Grade Crossing almost completed at Homewood. Just needs Asphalt. New track in foreground.


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