TY Intermodal
Sept. 13, 2008

The following photos by Mike Condren
except as noted

Photo by Frank Greene
The two new cranes as seen from the parking lot of the truck service facility.

Photo by Frank Greene
Note that in this view of Crane #2, taken before noon, neither of the spreader beams are yet in place.

This view is from the Shelby main where a north bound vehicle and stack train has just passed and stopped up on the hill at right. Note that the Barnhart crane is rigged for lifting the right spreader. Below y ou can find other views with this spreader on its way into position and then in position.

Shortly after 3pm, the near spreader beam is in place and the far spreader is almost to the height of the top rails. Note the cables from the top rails to ground level on both sides to spread the top rail apart so that the spreader beam can be placed.

Parts of the lift mechanisms.
The far spreader beam is being raised by the far crane while men in bucket cranes work on the making the connections.

The far spreader beam is now in place but the crane is still attached.

Now both cranes are to about the same stage.

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