Rochelle, IL Railfan Park

Original Gift Shop in May 1999
Expanded Gift Shop in June 2005 Gift Shop in Feb. 2010
Parking Lot in Jan. 2010 with 0oF. I have never seen the lot so empty.
These signs are "signs of the times" of our litigation society.

The courtyard, above, has Andy Oliva and Kenny Young standing at the top. The shelter, below, as it appeared in May 1999.
This gazebo at Railfan Park at Rochelle, IL is new. Between Oct. 11 and Oct. 18, 2009, the signage was installed.

A new feature of the Railfan Park area is this new "Rail Fan Lodging" across the tracks and across the street from the park in a former home next to the former MILW caboose.
Caboose as it appeared in May 1999

A Sample of What Can Be Seen

This train was shot on May 18, 2007. My favorite view early in the morning at Rochelle shows a train entering the scene beyond the west signal bridge and continues through the east signal bridge to the foreground. An hour later and this sequence is not possible as the Sun moves more to the south side of the track.

On May 24, 2007, the power from an eastbound stack trainis heading east, light, after leaving its train in Global III. Here we see it first passing the BNSF switcher before hitting the BNSF crossing.


BNSF stack train is seen eastbound on Oct. 18, 2010

On Feb. 28, 2010, This empty unit coal train met an eastbound general freight near the signal bridge.

On March 5, 2010, this train was the first time that I had shot a train with the DPU other than at the end since the days of "slaves" on the KCS of the '60s. There was less snow than 5 days earlier. A lot of it had melted. Another was that someone had built a snowman that shows in the corner of the first shot.

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