UP-844 2006
May 26, 2006

All images by Mike Condren except where noted.

While waiting for 844 and its train, this consis turned on the wye. It would pick up a train and follow 844, along with a BNSF coal train, all the way to Russellville on a very leasurely trip. On our return trip to Memphis, we met this power at Blackville meeting a loaded coal train.

UP 4-8-4 #844 is seen on the east leg of the North Little Rock wye.

Photo by Barry Robinson
This shot was taken at Crystal Hill Rd in North Little Rock, AR.

Photo by Barry Robinson
This view is at what Matt Condren called "so close" along State 365 at Palarm Creek.

This photo was taken by Bill Pollard of Conway at an overpass just west of Palarm. The road here leads to homes along the Arkansas River in the Plantation subdivision.

Here the train is speeding along side US64 west/north of Mayflower.

Our train took the siding as it entered Conway for its planned 2 hour, turned into 3 hour stay.

Once in the siding, it was decided to pull out of the siding to downtown near the caboose display. So out she comes for the display time. After the display, she will back into the siding for a meet with two east/south bound freight that we saw in Morrilton while we waited.

Bill Pollard again documented a location that I did not attempt due to not knowing how to get down to track level.

Photo by Barry Robinson
This view is not far beyond the tunnel at Conway at the crossing of Cadron Creek.

While waiting for 844, we ate our lunch and I toured this little museum in the nicely retored former Missouri Pacific station.

Both of the east/south bound freights had NS as their second units. The first freight had a nice looking SD70 with flared radiators and a raised center section to the nose. The second freight had a less attractive GE was paint in very ppor condition.

Peter Limper caught this image of 844 as it approached us. Morrilton's "favorite son" has not made his appearance in this view. Check the next two shots to see this "excited" fan. Peter and I were standing shoulder to shoulder in the photo line. His "people filter" was in use here. Unfortunately his failed along with everyone else shortly after this was taken.

When 844 finally arrived, the least popular citizen decided he needed to be in everyones pictures and walked right into the scence with everyone "SCREEMING" at him. Earlier he was less than politically correct with his smoking.

At Worthen siding, Peter Limper documented 844 at the east end of the passing track for the meet with the coal train. I documented the west end of the passing track.

Leaving Morrilton 844 runs up on restrictive signals due to a slow moving freight. At Worthen (Pottsville on the map) there is a three-way meet. As the west/north bound freight pulls into the siding, a east/south bound coal train approaches on the main. Once the coal train and 844's train clear, the west/north bound freight pulls out of the siding with its air conditioner open (front door and windows open. The lack of real air conditioning may be part of the problem. These older units had micro-processors that got very hot and failed in hot weather, like the 90+ degree temperatures this day.

Finally we see the passenger leaving the pass on its last leg into Russellville. A this point Matt and I broke off the chase. The remaining images were taken by Professor Emeritus Peter Limper later that day and early on the next.

Later in the day, Peter Limper caught the engine being watered by the Russellville Fire Department.

Peter and the UP Steam Train crew stayed at the Best Western on State Highway 7 north of town near I40.

Peter caught this early morning image of 844 before the steam train left Russellville.

Peter continued the chase to Ozark where UP employee riders from Russellville were dropped off at the stone depot along the Arkansas River.

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