Wisconsin Central
by Mike Condren

This WC unit with CN lettering was sitting south of the tower, 9/30/06.

WC SD40-2 #6002 sits in the engine terminal at Shops, 9/30/06.

The power off the "Valley Line" train is headed to the engine termina, 9/30/06l.

As soon as the northbound clears, the southbound with WC 2005 and CN-IC 6134 head south and we head for Byron Hill, 9/30/06..

About the time I heard the southbound blowing for Highway 175 at Byron, I hear a northbound blowing for a crossing south of where I was at Highway Y. The northbound took the siding at Quad Graphics for the meet.

IC 6008
I then continued south into Waukesha. I discover a flashing yellow signal at Moreland Blvd. At 4:52 a northbound WC train with IC 6008 in the lead assisted by WC 6004, 10/28/06.

At the engine terminal area of the CN, former WC, earlier SOO Line, yard, we discover this former WC SW1500 # 1561.

As we pass through North Fond du Lac where we find this SW1500 in front of the yard office. The SW1500 is mu-ed to a GP38-2, 5/5/07.

This set of switchers are both still in the Wisconsin Central colors, although the lettering is basically faded away, 7/29/07.

On the other hand, this WC SW1500 wears new paint as a member of the CN family, 7/29/07.

WC 3000 is seen at the north end of the siding where it is parked when not on duty. The conductor is walking to the switch to align the engine out on the main to then proceed north to the Waukesha yard, 10/17/10.

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