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See Hal Miller's "Muskogee Roads: a four state empire" in Spring 2008 Classic Trains

MV #4

Missouri Oklahoma & Gulf Locomotives

100-Series 4-6-0s

Muskogee Roads Locomotive Roster
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KO&G Locomotive Diagram Books
contributed by Allen Stanley

Cabooses Freight Cars Passenger Cars
KO&G Derrick Muskogee Road Models




Muskogee Company Articles published in "The Eagle"
(Missouri Pacific Historical Society)
KO&G International Car Cabooses Jerry Pitts Summer 1985
Muskogee Lines Doodlebugs pt1 Jerry Pitts Summer 1986
Muskogee Lines Doodlebugs pt2 Jerry Pitts Fall 1986
Diesels of the Muskogee Lines Jerry Pitts Summer 1988
KO&G Modern Mikes (600-class) Jerry Pitts Spring 1993
Midland Valley Memories Rick Morgan Fall 1994
Santa Fes for the KO&G (500-class) Rick Morgan Fall-Winter 2001
Midland Valley's 70-Class Mikados Rick Morgan Summer 2008

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Muskogee Roads

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