Tennessee Yard's New Intermodal Terminal

Five production cranes for the loading/off loading of the rail cars, plus some stacking and loading/off loading trucks. Three feeder cranes stack/unstack from the piles of containers and feed containers into the stacks for the production cranes. These cranes are manufactured by Kone Cranes of Finland.
Much larger versions of these Seattle cranes are in use in Memphis.
These cranes cover 3 tracks and 3 lanes for trucks. In Memphis, the cranes can span 8 tracks, 3 truck lanes and 4 stacks of 4 high containers.
Grand Opening April 21, 2010
Recent images from cranes

Contributed by Charles Turner
An aerial view of the new intermodal terminal. Four of the larger production cranes are erected with the 5th undergoing construction.

Commercial Appeal Sept. 4, 2009
BNSF railroad's new intermodal yard will give big lift to cargo, local economy By Wayne Risher

Hump Yard

In the Frisco Days

Crest tower of the hump yard.

View from the crest of the hump.

A view of the bowl.

This is a slug used on the hump built on the frame of a retired SD unit.

Frisco Tennessee Yard, 1956 opening to BN control in 1980.

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